trick or RE-treat

With the daylight hours growing shorter and shorter, and the ensuing holiday season racing towards us, fall is the perfect time of year for turning inward, gathering, and taking stock. As we enter the yin cycle of the year, we can often miss the transition from the more yang energies of summer by ignoring our natural rhythms and powering through the holidays, only to emerge exhausted, depleted and needing a vacation to find ourselves again.
Our capitalistic culture is designed to create constant distraction.  We tend to look outside of ourselves, and into the material world, for meaning, purpose, and validation.  In yogic terms, we call this distraction, or illusion, “maya.” Maya is the veiling power that creates duplicity, the illusion of other, rather the reality of one, the source.  This is the fodder that creates the earth school, and we are the teachers and the students – the co-creators of the game.
hideseekThe tricky part of the game is that most of us have amnesia and don’t remember that we are OF the power that created the game in the first place.  Maya creates the separateness, and ignorance (avidya) in the individual consciousness, which is why yoga practices tend towards stilling the fluctuations of the mind in order to realize one’s true nature. As we understand the human psycho drama as DIVINE PLAY, or Leela, we understand what Friar Giovanni expressed way back in 1513 A.D.  This life, this experience, EVERY experience, is “woven of love, by wisdom, with power.” 

We are here to play the game of cosmic hide and seek with OURSELVES.
So as the hamster wheel of illusion accelerates, we can CHOOSE to hop off and PAUSE. We pause, we turn towards introspection and upliftment, and stop WAITING for the wheel to stop spinning.  We have to summon the COURAGE to hop off and CHOOSE ourselves and our relationship with the ONENESS that is our true nature. I am the first to admit that I suffer from a bit of WHEN/THEN addiction.  When I finish washing the dishes/cleaning the house/walking the dog/checking email, then I will meditate.  I am here to tell you that years of practicing this method of when…then…, leads to dis-ease, dis-connection, and dis-satisfaction.
So in the spirit of leela and choosing to hop off the hamster wheel, I invite you tore-TREAT with Christi Mider and “The Journey Within: Bringing the Beloved Forward.” This is a wonderful opportunity to go within and explore your true nature.  Register by Sunday, October 20, and receive $50 off tuition price!  click here to learn more.
thank YOU . . . fellow pilgrim : )
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