l.o.v.e…in progress




L’amour  .   Liebe   .   Upendo   .   Armastus   .   Cinta   .   Ái    .    Agápe    . . . 

L O V E  can be spoken in roughly 6500-7000 different languages in the world today, and can have uniquely different words in those languages for each of the different forms of love.  While this time of year, as expressed by all things Saint Valentine-related, has us tuning in to the romantic kind of love, this missive is more about how it begins within.

Anne Lamott expresses it so concisely that to expound upon it seems to add unnecessary layers, so I read it over and over and over again.  Each time it goes in on another level of understanding.  
“To love yourself as you ARE is a miracle, and to seek yourself is to have FOUND yourself, for now. And NOW is all we have, and LOVE is who we are.”

That sort of wraps up everything we do on our yoga mats and magic carpets, whether we KNOW it or not.  Each moment we are fully present, accepting the moment AND ourselves just as it is and we are, ALLOWS us to catch a glimpse of how it is to BE. This BEing is THE way we LOVE ourselves.  Sooooooo… moment to moment, we continue to string these glimpses together, and more and more we LOVE ourselves.  When we string enough of these moments together, we could have an understanding of what Yoga philosophy refers to as Ánanda, or BLISS.  I hope you have been in the presence of someone who understands the miracle of BEING LOVE, because it is obvious, authentic, powerful and contagious.  We crave it. And IT is INFINITE, and available at any moment. 

We are all works in progress, or rather LOVE in PROGRESS, so I am still learning how to unlearn all of the ways in which I block the knowing with wanting to know : )  Here’s to patience and kindness and LOVE that begins within!

LOVE…in progress,
d e n i s e