class descriptions

gentle yoga: Breathing, gentle stretching , standing poses & deep relaxation characterize this practice designed to gradually build flexibility, strength and focus. All are welcome.

level 1 yoga for life: Perfect for the new or returning student and a great refresher for the experienced practitioner. In a safe, slower paced and supportive environment, breath awareness and natural fundamental alignment are emphasized resulting in enhanced strength, flexibility, stamina, and confidence.

level 1–2: Find Balance while building stamina, strength, flexibility, and concentration in this class with a moderate level of challenge. Recommended for new and continuing students.

level 2 align & open: Creating art with your body, in the form of yoga poses, with optimal alignment, allowing the prana (life force energy) to move through the body with ease. As the prana flows, we release what is unwanted, creating space for healing, insight, and change. Playfully experience precise alignment and let the alchemy begin.

pilates mat: A head-to-toe workout that includes alignment, balance, flexibility, strength (with emphasis on the core), all while incorporating the mind/body connection. Consistent attendance allows for a deeper understanding of these principles of precise movement.

level 2–3 playing your edge: Upbeat level 2/3 VINYASA FLOW class designed to explore the range of yoga postures typically practiced at the more advanced levels.  As always, there is a strong instructional component to the class: exploring the postures with curiosity and detail.  Often we will follow a specific theme as well beyond the asana, whether it’s an energetic theme or perhaps a philosophical one. Add all this to powerful music and the end product is a thorough yoga experience that works to satisfy at a deep level.

moyo core flow: A joy-filled journey of meditation in movement.   Creative, intelligent sequencing of vinyasa flow with emphasis on breath, core integration, form and spirit. Intermediate/advanced asana practice with beginner’s mind.

moyokids, ages 5-8 & 9-12: A children’s yoga class, which offers an age appropriate introduction to yoga in a safe atmosphere. Your young yogi can improve coordination and body awareness as well as fine and gross motor skills as they learn the classic sun salutation. We will also integrate the poses into games to help your child maintain a strong and healthy body in a fun and playful way.  Parents are welcome to stay for the fun!

restorative yoga: A deeply calming practice of supported poses to open the body, relieve chronic tension, bring us into the moment, and heighten awareness of our true essence. Nourish and restore while settling the mind and enlivening the Spirit. All are welcome.

sunday church: Mindful vinyasa-MoYo style, integrating core strength with breath, intention, and a sweetness found through devotion to the sacred within and without. Awareness and honoring of personal needs required while playing with advanced asana.

therapeutic yoga: A practice that integrates restorative yoga, gentle yoga, healing touch and breath work to create a deeply relaxed state which supports body, mind and spirit in the process of healing.  A relaxing and rejuvenating class.  All are welcome.

vinyasa flow: A synergy of yoga that incorporates the science of alignment & the fluidity of Ashtanga with creative flow and dynamic nature of our beings. Using a step-by-step approach — defined as vinyasa krama — this class integrates physical alignment and breath awareness to create a solid foundation of mindful movement. A practice that is simultaneously challenging and calming, leaving you energized and centered long after you’ve left your mat.

yin yoga: A deeply calming practice of sustained postures to gently release tension in the body’s connective tissues. Yin Yoga primarily addresses the lower body and spine, and is great to prepare for seated practice.