MoYoKid’s yoga

CREATIVE KIDS YOGA CLASSES on hiatus while Kristin is on maternity leave : )


Today’s kids live in a bustling world, chock full of school pressures, nonstop lessons, video games, competitive sports and digital overload. These influences often have a profound effect on our children’s lives, mostly in a stressful way.  Yoga can help counter these pressures and give kids tools to navigate life’s challenges with more ease.

[break] Kids are busy these days with schoolwork, family and extras and they get stressed out just like adults. Yoga is a great way for them to unwind, slow down and learn to use the tools within them to de-stress. Karma Kids yoga classes creatively introduce postures, breathing and yoga concepts to kids through movement and art. We float, grow and balance through a dynamic, fun flow building awareness, confidence and strength. This is kid friendly, high energy, hilarious yoga. Each week we will explore a new ‘pose of the day’ combined with a yoga theme in both the asana (movement) and art portion of class. We will continue to add poses and projects every week giving these kids a solid yoga foundation, tools to be successful both on and off the mat and a collection of cool, creative pieces of art. ages 5-11 Kristin Davies has been working with kids in some form throughout her professional journey. She has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and knew for most of that time that she would eventually teach it. In 2011, Kristin merged two of the things that she loves most and began teaching yoga to both children and adults. In her opinion, kids are made for yoga. Physically they are flexible, limber and strong. Mentally they are super present, living moment to moment. Emotionally and spiritually they are daring, confident and innately compassionate towards everything on Earth. Kristin loves the open, informal and hilarious environment that the kids create.