MoYoKid’s yoga

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Today’s kids live in a bustling world, chock full of school pressures, nonstop lessons, video games, competitive sports and digital overload. These influences often have a profound effect on our children’s lives, mostly in a stressful way.  Yoga can help counter these pressures and give kids tools to navigate life’s challenges with more ease.

MoYoKIds offers an age appropriate introduction to yoga in a safe atmosphere. Your young yogi can improve coordination and body awareness as well as fine and gross motor skills as they learn the classic sun salutation. We will also integrate the poses into games to help your child maintain a strong and healthy body in a fun and playful way.
Parents are welcome to stay for the fun!

ages 5-8

In this class tailored to the needs of the beginning yogi, We will learn individual and short sequences of poses as well as employ breathing exercises to aid in developing focus and attention span.  Poses and breath work will be presented in an age appropriate format of games and guided relaxation combined with circle time for sharing and exploration.  

ages 9-12

The basic Sun Salutation and simple meditation techniques will be the foundation of the practice for the developing yogi.  Kids will improve coordination and body awareness by using the flowing sequence of poses in Surya Namaskar while learning to manage mood and emotion with meditation and breathing techniques.

Katrina Hannah has been practicing yoga since 1989 and teaching since 1997.  She combines a background in Elementary Education with an R.Y.T. from Yoga Alliance and has worked extensively with children of all ages in educational settings through the Child’s Pose Yoga project in addition to her years as a kindergarten teacher.  Child’s Pose originated in the Hope School District in 2003 with grades K-6 and grew to include Harding Elementary,  Laguna Blanca Upper School, Carpinteria Family School, and UCSB. She currently works with private clients as well as offers classes at UCSB, Cathedral Oaks Nursery School, and All Saints By the Sea Pre-School.