new to yoga?


If you are brand new to yoga, welcome!

Practicing yoga brings about healing on all levels – within ourselves, our relationships, and the world.

We hope to provide you with an attitude and space that nurtures and supports you on your journey.

Within our sanctuary for soul-centered evolution, we invite you to be fully present and uncover a new way of being in your body and the world.

We are dedicated to meeting you exactly where you are with and open heart and joyful spirit.

We welcome YOU.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to get you started, and if you do not see what is on your mind here, please visit our etiquette page, and feel free to email us or call us with your concerns at 805.845.1301.


where do I begin?
The best place to start is at the beginning, which we call Level 1-Yoga for Life or MoYo Basics. Even if you are a world re-known triathlete, who can bench press 400 pounds, practicing yoga safely requires some fundamental knowledge of the names of postures and what body parts go where. Some folks stay in level 1 classes for their whole yoga journey, and others learn the fundamentals and move on to the more challenging physical practices.

what should I wear?
It is best to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing – not too tight and not too loose or revealing. Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so please leave your shoes and socks under the benches in reception area. We recommend removing jewelry and watches, and please refrain from wearing scented lotions or perfumes out of respect for those with sensitive olfactory systems.

do I need to bring a mat?
We do have loaner mats for you to borrow, and for hygiene and personal commitment reasons, we encourage you to purchase your own mat (available in our boutique). Plus with your own mat, you are more likely to unroll it at home! We have all the props you will need and you are welcome to bring your own.

when should I eat and do I need water?
Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, and if you need to eat something within 2-3 hours before class, enjoy a light snack or piece of fruit. Chewing gum during practice is both counterproductive for relieving stress and very dangerous (you can choke on it!). Hydrating before and after class will help detoxify the body, but during class, drinking water will extinguish the internal heat we are trying to build, so if you must drink water while practicing, take small sips. Please drink plenty of water after class. We have Water with Life available in reception.

what do I do with my belongings?
Please bring all personal belongings, except your shoes, into the prop room, and store them in a cubby or on coat hook. Only bring into the studio space that which you need for practice, and do TURN OFF your CELL phone or leave it in your car.

do I need to sign-up for class in advance?
You do not need to sign-up in advance and are welcome to drop-in to class anytime. You may also sign-up online by using our WebScheduler, create an account and keep track of your class series. We do recommend reserving your spot in advance for workshops and special events.

how often should I practice?
Ideally, a daily yoga practice offers the most long-term benefits, and yet this can be quite overwhelming for even the most experienced yogi. So to begin with, think about consistency first and what is a realistic for you to fit into your schedule on a regular basis. Once a week is good, twice a week is better, and 3 times a week will keep you in the groove.

what is OM?
The sound of “om” or “A-U-M” is considered to be the primordial or original sound from which all other sounds emanate. It is 3 separate tones and while the third vibration looks like the letter “M”, it is actually pronounced like “ng”, so that the final vibration or buzzing sound ascends through the upper palate, instead of through the lips. When we chant om, sometimes at the beginning or end of class, we create connection to each other and the unifying power of the universe. You can join in or let the sound wash over and through you.