private instruction



Private instruction is a wonderful way to learn to adapt group class postures to serve your individual needs.  There are many ways to benefit from private instruction, and different students focus on different elements depending on their personal needs and goals.


Group class students can benefit from personalized help to deepen their yoga practice.  Private sessions help the committed student refine their postures to best suit their body and learn specific adaptations, relevant to their current state of practice.  There might be times in a group class where you wanted to delve more deeply into a concept or the architecture of a specific posture, and private coaching sessions give students a chance to explore alignment principals with greater, personally relevant detail.


Students frequently want to practice yoga more often than they can come to group classes. We highly encourage the development of your own home practice, and can help you to create sequences to practice safely and effectively on your own. Practicing at home is a useful supplement to group classes at the studio, and several private sessions can offer you clarity of your personal goals, a strategy for how to make your practice consistent, and a written practice plan. Home practice consultations are most effective when done in conjunction with group yoga classes.


Some individuals have special needs that are not met by group classes, and for new students of yoga, it can be especially daunting and even scary to begin the physical practice.  Private instruction can be both therapeutic and healing for those with chronic or acute issues, and some students elect private yoga sessions on an ongoing basis as the foundation of their personal practice.


When a special occasion arises and your favorite Karaoke bar is booked or your bridal party is stressed out, a private group yoga session provides a sweet container for celebration of any kind.  Private group instruction can include guided visualization or meditation, and be geared toward beginners to advanced practitioners, and from restorative to more active styles of Yoga. A customized class is perfect for mamas-to-be and all her friends (Yoga BABY SHOWER) or the 50th Birthday Yogini who wants to mark the passing of time in a sacred, ceremonial way.

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