Yoga is so much more than the poses that we practice. It is a process of understanding and respecting yourself and those around you. It is out of this respect that we offer you some guidelines on what it means to practice Yoga ON and OFF your mat.

Please be on time and enter the studio quietly. Arriving a few minutes early to class gives you the opportunity to settle in and shift gears. Occasionally, being late is unavoidable, so if you are detained, please wait to enter the asana room until after meditation/chanting.  The teacher will help you find a space where you can unroll your mat quietly. Please inform the instructor at the beginning of class if you must leave early, and do so before savasana, so as not to disturb your fellow students.

Please sign in every time.
 Making this a part of your practice ensures that we get an accurate count of all students. This is how your teacher is paid.

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers, or leave them in the car.
 If there are times in which you need to be available, please speak to someone at the front desk and they will gladly assist you.

Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. This is based on both tradition and hygiene. We frequently find our face inches away from the floor and we strive to keep our floors very clean. Walking in to MoYo  from the parking lot with bare feet also tracks in dirt, so please wipe your feet clean.

Please inform the instructor about any injuries before class begins. It is important for the teacher to know how to modify the postures for your own personal safety and needs.  Also share if you are pregnant.

Please refrain from wearing perfume/cologne or scented lotion. We focus on breathing deeply and some folks may be sensitive or allergic to your particular choice of fragrance. Please respect your body temple and those around you by practicing good hygiene.  This includes your clothing, mat and feet. [break]
Please practice on an empty stomach. 
To ensure to get all of the benefits of your yoga practice, we recommend that you refrain from eating 2-3 hours before class time. Please drink plenty of room temperature water after class.

Please purchase your own yoga mat.
 While MoYo has mats for you to borrow anytime, they are primarily for new students. We encourage you to use your own mat for personal hygiene, and as a commitment to your practice.

Please be considerate of the general tidiness of the studio. Replacing props in a neat and organized fashion helps all of us to be conscious of how we effect the world around us.

Please enjoy!